November 05, 2009

Crawling Brady Tornado

Before crawling = Brady sitting nicely playing with his toys;
everything contained on his play blanket.
Crawling = Brady tornado/disaster/constant mess

New Head Shakin Trick

November 02, 2009

Pumpkin Carving CHAMPION!

Robert carved this pumkin for our ward contest, it was supposed to be a Turkey, but everyone thought it was a Penguin, prolly cause of the scarf. Anyway he won first place!! I'm so proud of my Papa Pavo:)

Ward Halloween Party-Worm eating contest!

Five Gummy Worms in chocolate/oreo pudding. The first one to find all five, pass them to thier partner and they have to eat them -WINS! There was so much pudding I couldn't keep track of how many worms I had in my mouth, especially after chewing them up and Robert was passing me two at a time! We almost got first place, but I guess we got second place by a hair!

The guys next to us...were just friends, the guy dressed as Shrek, his wife wouldn't do it with him, so his friend did, and obviously they didn't want to pass the worms from mouth to mouth, so he had to take them out of his mouth and give it to the other guy to eat, it was funny cause they were so sicked out by it, ha ha!

Happy Halloween!

For Halloween we dressed up as Brett Favre, Robert was a Packer, I was a Jet and Brady the Viking! It was Robert's idea and everyone loved it. But this little Viking has a lot of good years left in him and won't be retiring any time soon:) Robert was also very happy that Favre won against the Packers on Sunday at the Packers' Lambeau field. Robert also won the Pumpkin carving contest at our Ward party...I'll post a picture up soon of his pumpkin. Happy Halloween!!