December 23, 2010

Symbols of Christmas

This Christmas I have been especially filled with that Cheery Christmas Spirit. It's probably the best one since I was a kid and Christmas was nothing but Magical. I can't believe it's already here (two days!!) It's so fun to celebrate all month, and sad to see Christmas go. But I would like to share with you the symbols of Christmas that have brought new and restored meaning to the "Meaning of Christmas" as we relate them to Christ and the gospel.We had an awesome Relief Society activity on a "Christ Centered Christmas" this month. What I remember most was one sister going through all the symbols of Christmas and their meanings. Some of them you already know, and some are awakenings to me.
The Christmas Tree: In one of Brady's board books (I think Grandma Dianne sent it) it talks about the Legends of the Christmas tree. One of them I especially liked: that the tree has three points, like a triangle, yet is ONE tree. Just as God, Christ, and the Holy Ghost are three beings yet ONE God in purpose. The Evergreen tree also represents Eternal Life. Christ has given us all the free gift of Immortality after this life. We can live forever. Green represents life! Green is also my favorite color, and I'm especially grateful for it in the Evergreen trees in the winter! The tree also helps remind me to focus my perspective heaven-ward as it points up. We must always acknowledge God in our lives and keep an Eternal Perspective. The Star on top reminds us of that star the shepherds saw to notify them of the Saviors birth. And if you have an Angel on top, it represents the angel who came to Mary and Joseph to announce that she would be the mother of our Savior.
Presents: Obviously presents represent those given to Christ on his birthday by the wise men. Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. Likewise we give gifts to one another, but we need not forget it is still Christ's birthday, and we must put the most thought into what we will give HIM for HIS Birthday. This will be the most meaningful gift for us and HIM.
Lights: We put up lights and candles to remind us that Jesus is the light of the world. All that is good is of God. And to represent that Star on His starry night.
Santa: Jolly Old Saint Nick, although he isn't "real", he brings a real spirit, as does our Savior. He is a Christ-like figure that we shouldn't discount. He loves us. He knows us, and weather we are "naughty or nice" as does our Savior. He works all year to bring us that perfect gift, and has lots of little Elf hands helping him; just as God and Christ's work is our Immortality and Eternal life or Happiness and WE are his helpers in each others lives. He wears RED to symbolize the blood of Christ with WHITE fringe to represent Christ's sanctity and purity that we can have through the Atonement. He also might wear black boots and black gloves symbolizing SIN, which he can take away from us through the Atonement.
Rudolph: The Red Nose Reindeer, who at first was disliked by others who used to "laugh and call him names". But he had a special light (on his nose), and in the end all were dependent on him to light the way. Like Christ, he was rejected of men and stricken with grief, but in then end, he is our Savior from Sin and is our Example to 'light' our way.
Christmas Shopping: OK this one is my favorite (not shopping-the analogy:)). We've all been there. Black Friday; the Saturday before Christmas when everyone is Christmas shopping at the mall or wherever. The traffic is crazy; people are searching for that perfect gift; shipping things off to arrive on time; hurrying to get home for the holidays etc. Yet we are all "Anxiously engaged in a good cause"; we are thinking of others, their needs, wants, wishes, and trying to get them that gift. There is that hustle and bustle and a little bit of craziness, but imagine for a moment with me if that "good cause" was spreading the gospel. If we were all anxiously trying to give the gift of the gospel to those who don't have it yet. The greatest gift of all, Eternal life. And the Knowledge of how to receive Eternal Life. What if we were all so good of missionaries, "member missionaries", and in such a hurry for it. This is how it should be in reality. And having served a mission, and literally running to appointments, walking the streets all day, knocking doors to share this GOOD NEWS. This IS how I felt on my mission. What a gift the gospel is to us, we must share it, and in a hurry!!!
I'm sure you can think of many other symbols of Christmas, there are many others, but these are the ones I wanted to share.
Merry Christmas. Remember who's birthday it is.

November 10, 2010

Because of your Faith....My joy is full.

This morning I woke up early, not on purpose, just woke up. I decided to take advantage of the quiet time and read the new Conference Ensign. I flipped through looking for a talk to read, and then decided to start from the beginning. I read the introductory talk by our Prophet, and then read the next talk (which was my favorite from Conference) by Elder Holland called Because of Your Faith.

I was so moved by his talk, again, but in a different way, that I feel so inspired to write to you all. You might remember in his talk that he thanked his parents for sacrificing for him so much so he could serve a mission, and working extra for him so that all the money he had saved for his mission was still there when he got home from his mission so he could pay for college etc. In his talk you might also remember him thanking all those other mothers and fathers out there who have done and are doing the same things for their children. I was a ball of tears during his talk. But this time, in reading it through, my thoughts were turned inwards, to my own mission, and my own life, and what he was really trying to tell us. I think Bro. Hollands talk was really about praising us, members of the church, and good people of the earth, and thanking us for our faith. Then I thought of all those people in my life, who have been such examples and pillars of faith to me.

In his talk he says, talking to us, "No one of you is insignificant, in part because you make the gospel of Jesus Christ what it is-a living reminder of His grace and mercy, a private but powerful manifestation in small villages and large cities of the good He did and the life He gave bringing peace and salvation to other people. We are honored beyond expression to be counted one with you in such a sacred cause.

As Jesus said to the Nephites, so say I today: "Because of your faith...., my joy is full.

"And when he had said these words, he wept.""

After reading his talk, I just sat there, going through in my mind all of these people..... you are probably on my list:

Robert, Mom, Chris, Grandma, Grandpa, Joseph, Memere, Pepere, Phillip, Ben, Charlene, Kathlene, Becky, Brad, Mike, Andrea, Jon, Meiken, Zan, Cindy, Randy, Loni, Bishop Jensen, Bishop Squires, Sis. Johnson, Sis. Holloway, Sis.Wagner, Sis.McCoy, Bree, Olivia, Tricia, Sarah, Whitney, Dre, Cortney, AnnMarie, Carolee, Jessica, April, MaryAnn, Angie, Bishop Peeples, Anjanelle, Aimee, Tonya, Brandon, Melissa, Tina, Summer, Misty, Natalie, Fabi, Christy, Meggan, Rachel, Aidrienne, Andrea, Tashina, Wendy, Lance, Hna. Robertson, Hna. Wheatley, Hna. Horton, Hna. Wheatley, Hna. Harris, Hna. Holbrook, Hna. Kurouski, Hna. Madsen, Hna. Christensen, Hna. Lindsay, Hna. Rumsey, Hna. DuVall, Pte. DuVall, Pte. Zivic, Hna. Zivic, Las Sandra, Patricio, Eric, Sarah, Florin, Matthews, Barneys, Rehders, and I have known hundreds of other people who have given me examples of faith.

It is YOU all who have given me faith to endure, at different times in my life when I have needed it. You have given me an example of faith and assurity that Christ is your Savior, and that God lives and loves us and that no matter what happens, everything will work out because it's in God's hands, as are we. And I want to THANK YOU for being an example to me. We all give each other strength, and we all need each other, and we are all living reminders to each other on a daily basis of our Savior Jesus Christ and his grace and mercy and love. Thank you for enduring, being faithful, and giving me hope and peace in this world and in my life. Imagine how many more people than just me you have touched in your lives. And I have no idea how many peoples lives I have influenced for good, but this is our duty and mission, to the church and to each other, and to ourselves, to help each other.

Thank you all. Keep being examples of faith to all those around you because we need you.

November 02, 2010

Sesame Street Halloween Costumes

Robert had the idea like back in May(6 months early) for Sesame Street Halloween Costumes. He wrote it down so he wouldn't forget his genius idea. Then when October came around, he said we better get started on our costumes. We started shopping for costume pieces at the beginning of October. We probably went to second hand stores about 8 times and craft/fabric stores like 7 times before we finished our costumes. One of those trips to the fabric store included buying a new needle for my sewing machine cause I broke my needle on one of Big Birds feathers! That was a first!
I honestly didn't see the vision for these costumes, but Robert was determined and sure they would turn out great. I knew they would take a lot of work that I wasn't sure how to do. But little by little our costumes came together and I figured it out as I went. We started with buying basic robes at 2nd hand stores in our respective colors. Then we had to buy fabric to match the robes to make the hoods, socks etc. (which it was easier to match fabric than I thought it would be). Robert hot glued all those feathers on his costume. I made his legs and feet. I had to do some serious altering on Brady's costume, and mine was pretty simple. In the end it was a LOT of work, but a great learning experience on the sewing machine for me:)
It paid off when we won Best Overall Costume at our Ward Halloween Party!!
This is Robert's 'Big Bird' pose.
Tickle me.
Oscar the Grouch trying to make a grouchy face:)
In the end we probably spent about $40 for all the supplies and fabric. It was fun. I guess you can expect something better for next year. Robert is already thinking of ideas for next year. Halloween is serious in the Potter family!

October 05, 2010

Summer fun 2010

Robert loves the Slip n' Slide! He made it up of all of his air mattresses. I couldn't make it past the fourth air mattress!

We love having a pool at our Condo complex! The Potter Pyramid!

Hanging out with all the Potter's on the Fourth of July. We were only missing Cari and her family!

Robert made me walk through the reflecting pool on temple square. Has ANYONE ever done such a thing??

Then Robert had to walk through a fountain on Temple square too.

The Matthews showed us this sweet rope swing on the Provo river. The water is ice cold and in a shaded area all day, Robert and Lance are so brave!

Ice cream at a BYU activity. Just like his mom:)

We went to the Utah County fair and saw all the animals and Brady loved the tractors! Anything with a wheel that he can pretend to drive, he loves!

Of course Brady had to walk through water on Temple square too! On top of the conference center!

We had so much fun this summer. We did so many fun things and played hard and worked hard! Brady is growing up so fast and I'm so glad we had so much fun this summer. Our next post will be about our adventures at Cornbelly's Corn maze at Thanksgiving Point aka Toddler HEAVEN!!

October 04, 2010


We finally went camping this summer! We went up the American Fork Canyon to the Timpanooke Campground. The weather was beautiful and the trees were just starting to change colors. It got super cold at night, but we made it. Brady had a BLAST. He loved running around outside and exploring so much that he wouldn't take a nap, he just cried for about 20 minutes, then we gave up and got him out of the tent, and went hiking. We hiked up to Scout falls (not very impressive) but the hike was beautiful! We actually hiked passed the falls thinking it was up further. Brady fell asleep in the backpack for the majority of the way up, then woke up when we got to the falls and pointing to the mini waterfall said, "Woooooaah!!!"
Megan, Robert, and Brady (asleep in the pack), above Scout Falls in American Fork Canyon:
Hiking boots- this one's for you Cortnie Robert exploring and climbing with Brady asleep on his back. Robert

September 14, 2010

Sign Language

We have been teaching Brady sign language since he was about 9 months old, it took him quite a few months before he had the dexterity to actually sign, but now he is cruising right along. He knows to date how to do 32 signs! There is a complete list to the right of all the signs he knows. His most recent signs are: daddy, hot, rain, fish, potty, wind, rain, hurt/owie, cat, shoes, car, and tree. He learns them SO fast! He signed hurt/owie for a week or so before I knew what he meant (he doesn't do it exactly right, but pretty close, and as long as we both know what he means, that's what matters).
At his last doctors appointment the doctor said for his age he should be able to say about 20 words. We were floored! He barely can say ONE word! Then we explained that we are teaching him American Sign Language and Spanish along with English. He then explained that it would take him longer to be able to talk, cause three languages is a lot to take in at once, but that once he caught on to them, he would be tri-lingual! It's a lot easier to teach him English and ASL cause I can say the word in English and do the sign. It's also easier for him to sign than to talk. But with Spanish he gets confused. And it's hard for me to speak Spanish ALL the time, so that will be the last language we focus on. But I still read him lots of books in Spanish every day and speak Spanish to him about 1/4 of the time, and I say a lot of things twice in English and Spanish so he gets familiar with both.
As for words Brady can actually say, he says "ba-ball" for any kind of sport or ball. He says "uh-oh", "ooouhh, oooohh" for train or truck, and "wooaah". It's really cute.
I have learned a ton of Sign language just through watching the children's "Signing Time" videos. I'm not sure how many words I know, but quite a bit. I have a wonderful neighbor who is deaf and I get to practice a lot with her which is great for both of us cause we can communicate! I have also learned a lot from her. She is so sweet and very funny (even in ASL:)).
I highly suggest teaching your kids Sign Language cause it helps them communicate at a younger age and helps avoid tantrums cause you know what they want or why they are crying. Yeah for ASL!

August 18, 2010

Dinosaur Museum and Petting Zoo at Thanksgiving Point

The water fountain thingy at Thanksgiving Point-So FUN! Brady's back is to the camera in the white shirt in the front.
Climbed into the chair by himself, he's so cute:) Slipping outof the chair 2 seconds after he got in.
He's so clever, hiding under the sign, and he thinks he's so funny, and he is:)
When Brady gets really excited, he "jumps" up and down really just squatting and popping up, not actually coming off the ground:) It's the cutest thing ever. He got really excited about feeding the goats when they licked the corn out of his little fingers.
This is our neighbor's daughter, Callie, she is Brady's "girlfriend" cause they look so cute together and they are the same age (just a few weeks apart). They even hug and kiss (after he pushes her). It's so cute:) Mama and Brady at the Dinosaur Museum! Free Pony Ride!! Brady LOVED it and held on all by himself!
"Rooaaaaaaarrrrr!!" Brady's little laugh in this picture is so cute!
Thanks Two Dollar Tuesday for making August at Thanksgiving Point affordable and FUN! Even though it was a ZOO, no pun intended, it was fun. I think Brady liked the petting zoo more than the museum! And I got to milk a cow, that was my first time! I wasn't very good at it:( But it was cool, in a way, but then I felt bad, cause it reminded me of when I was nursing, and if I was a COW I would hate someone pulling on my nipples the wrong way! Anyway it was a blast. Then we got 50 cent ice cream cones and played in the water sprinker/fountain thing which was a blast.

August 06, 2010

My Mission Book

I finished my Mission Book!!! I am so excited to share it with you all, and since you all can't see it in person, please check it out by clicking on the following link! I am so excited about it! I did it on Heritage Makers, and it took me a while, cause I wanted to make sure I put everyone's names in and got all the dates right, so here it is: I served my mission in Spain, Bilbao (which is actually not a mission anymore) from July 6th 2005-December 23, 2007. I'd love to hear your comments. Let me know if you wanna make a book too for any reason! It's so awesome!

July 13, 2010

Provo...Grand Canyon...Phoenix

We went down to Phoenix so Robert could check out some dental schools, and because he knows I love Arizona. We had never been to the Grand Canyon and decided to add that into our trip. It was amazing. I love RED ROCK! This first picture you can tell was taken from inside the car, from the bug splats on the windshield:)
Robert got together with some mission friends, and we all had little boys about the same age, and they all stayed up way past their bed times having a ball together. Brady riding the donkey in the Grand Canyon lodge on the north rim.
Brady and Robert on the North Rim. Sorry about the foggy smudge, after taking all our pics, I realized there was a water spot on the lense. Sheesh.
The Potters
Brady and I
We ate at the restaurant at the lodge and Brady sat in a high chair as usual, hardly ate any of his grilled cheese sandwhich we ordered for him, and kept throwing food towards the table next to us. How can I get this kid to behave in public?? In church he throws his toys two rows ahead of us! We'll just have to get him into sports and suggest he be the pitcher or the quarterback!
Momma and Brady:)
It was such an amazing trip. As hot as it was in AZ, I loved being there on my old stomping grounds. It was fun to visit my mission companion Hermana Kurowski, of course that's not what she goes by now, but it was fun to catch up with her. It was also fun to meet Robert's mission friends, an get to know them. And who knows, maybe Robert will be going to school there next year!
My favorite part was going back to the Anasazi office where i worked in Mesa. I got to introduce Anasazi to Robert, and them to my new family. I haven't been back there since 2007 when I was young, skinny, and single with no prospects. I even got a chance to see some old friends' faces which was a total bonus.
For those of you who don't kow, Anasazi is a nonprofit wilderness therapy organization for troubled youth. Youth go there with various challenges, for 6 weeks and basically hike around in the desert. They learn how to survive using primitive living skills which in and of itself is very empowering. They learn how to make good choices or to "walk forward", and most importantly they learn of their individual worth, or as we call it, their "seeds of greatness".
Their parents are not off the hook, they participate too. They work with a therapist, write weekly letters to their child, attend the Arbinger Institute seminars, and read various books from the Arbinger Institute about how to change yourself, and love others etc. Anasazi helps families to heal their hearts and relationships and to walk forward by changing their old destructive habits.
I was not a troubled youth, but I learned more at Anasazi in the 5 months I was there, than at any other time in my entire life. It changed my life forever, my way of being and the way I look at and treat others. I only wish that Everyone could experience it. If you happen to run accross any of the Arbinger Institute material, read it, it will open your eyes. Two of their books, the latter written by C. Terry Warner, are: "Leadership and Slef-Deception", and "The Bonds that Make us Free".
To those of you whom I walked with on the Trail, worked for Anasazi, and to the desert I grew to love, you will have a special place in my heart forever. Thank you for changing my life.

June 02, 2010

Pots n pans

This video is a few months old, but it's still funny enough to post. Brady is since walking all around, not crawling anymore like in this video. He is one active kid!

May 17, 2010

Quick learner at 16 months

Brady has been learning so much lately and so fast I can't keep up with him. He recognizes tons of words, but can't say much yet, but is getting really good at mimicking sounds and trying to say words.
He can't say but knows these words: ball, turtle, dolphin, blanket, dinosaur, drink, book, basketball, balloon, octopus, baby, push, throw, come here, mama, dada; he can do "arms up", point to his nose and your nose; "open your mouth" and he opens it up wide; point to his tummy; "where's your tongue" and he sticks out his tongue; "get the ball" and he looks and gets his ball; get the basket ball and "put it in the basket"; cover his eyes; goes up and down stairs holding on to the railing; give kisses with a wide open mouth; gives hugs; he can jump; clap; growl when he sees animals; wave; give high fives; splash in the water; do motions for "Wheels on the Bus"; he has quite an arm and can throw the ball pretty hard; he can hold the phone up to his ear, and probably more that I can't keep up with. He is also getting in his two top molars which I didn't notice till they had already broke through. He is so much fun!
Some things we're working on are not throwing food; hitting-when he hits, I say "be nice" so now he thinks that that means to hit, so now I say "be careful", he seems to do better with that one; not turning on and off the tv or pushing the channel and volume buttons or taking out the media cables from the tv. Brady is such a smart kid and we have so much fun with him. It is amazing at this stage how much he is learning and absorbing. Yeah for Brady!

May 04, 2010

Wendy's baby belly

Wendy isn't technically a Potter anymore, but she doesn't have a blog yet, and wants everyone to see her baby belly. This is at the St. George Temple on April 1st. She was about 18 weeks pregnant then and now about 22 weeks. They just found out it's a GIRL! I guess saying "Boy oh Boy" all the time won't assure you have a boy. Ha Ha:)

May 02, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Brady's first Easter Egg Hunt at the Potter's! This video is mostly for Grama Dianne so she can see her grandkids! Yeah for Easter at Jeff and Dawna's. Thanks guys, you're the best!

April 12, 2010

Spring Break in California

We went to Yorba Linda, CA in the LA/Anahiem area for the week to visit Robert's brother Jeff. Robert's sister Wendy and her husband came with us too. We drove their big Suburban loaded with all our fun stuff. We had so much fun swimming in the pool/hottub, playing sports, watching movies on Jeff's home theater, watching General Conference, Easter egg hunting, going out to eat and singing karaoke, horse back riding at sunset, and going to the beach. It was so fun we were exhausted every day!! We even had an earthquake-that was the total California experience. Enjoy these few pics of our trip:
On our way down we stopped in St. George and went to this sweet park with lots of Red Rocks to climb. It was beautiful.
Outlook of St. George, UT. You can see the temple in the back ground just to the right of Robert's elbow:) Robert and I went to the Newport Beach Temple. It was beautiful inside and out!
St. George Temple and the Potters
All the boys ready to go golfing. Jeff, Brady, Robert, Lance, Cade, and Cannon. Brady didn't really go golfing though.
Brady and Cannon getting burried in the sand at Newport Beach. The beach was a blast! We went boogie boarding, played football, croquet, boccie ball, etc. The ocean was so warm!
Brady in his sun hat eating sand:)

March 03, 2010

My First Book!!

Yeah My first book! It was so fun to make for Brady! His own customized ABC book! Here you can see a few examples of some of the pages. (Sorry for the camera flash glare). So I guess this is the reason I haven't been blogging as much, cause I've been busy online making books and other projects through Heritage Makers.
I just started working as a Consultant for Heritage Makers too, which has been so fun! I work from home, go and do parties/workshops whenever I want and share my new hobby! It's the best of both worlds! I am also making a wedding canvas with a pic of the temple and some pics of us; a mission book (which I'm so excited about); a deck of cards; business cards; birthday cards etc all online with Heritage Makers! You should try it, it's GENIOUS! My new website is Check me out:) Let me know if you wanna make a book too!!

Adventures of Brady

Here are a few pics of the last couple months of Brady's adventures. He is so cute, and funny. He makes me laugh every day, just like his dad. He is a master crawler-when someone sees him crawl, they say "dang! He is so fast!" But now...he is finally mastering the 'cruising' stage and teasing us with the few steps he will take on his own. He is SO close to walking. He can hold on to one of my hands, and walk all around the apartment, and even let go of something and stand still with out holding onto anything, or take a few steps. It's so fun to see him progressing. Enjoy his cute pics:

February 22, 2010

Paint and Poop

This morning I woke up Brady out of Bed....played with my scriptures....and just as I picked up Brady to go get his bottle....something wet. Yes wet all over him and now me. Usually it would be poop, but it was Paint! He had tipped over a buket of paint and it had slowly leaked all over the carpet...and of course he was playing and sitting in it, so when I picked him was paint. Aye yay yay! As I was cleaning him off (lukily the paint cleans off with water) I think I would it rather have been explosive poo than paint all over him. So as I'm cleaning him off...the I realize...he sort of stinks. Great, poop! problem, just a poopy diaper right. As I procede to change his diaper he sticks his hands down there...getting poop all over his hands...and on whatever he touches. That's when I decided...well he's already naked (from stripping off his paint clothes)...time to let the bath do the rest of the work. So at 9am...before he or I even ate breakfast...he's in the bath. Then with all the dirty towels and clothes from paint, poop, and bathing, of course I decide to do a load of laundry. Sheesh I'm still tired. I need a shower, and a nap, and breakfast! Now the kid is hungry...So we eat breakfast...and he's throwing his food all over the floor (normal).
So I hope you don't say "ooh poor Megan"...cause that's not really what I'm getting at. I just want you to laugh at my rediculous morning, cause when these things happen, you just have to laugh. Then eat and sleep and shower and hope your husband comes home soon:) Even though you know the latter part won't happen very soon.
It's mornings like these that make me think, "why do i want to have any more kids?" Brady is great, but he's handful enough. Now you're all thinking..."yeah, she wouldn't be able to handle any more kids".'re probably right;)
And for any of you who are baby hungry...please come and babysit mine. He'll cure you.

January 26, 2010

Brady's first time Sledding

We took Brady sledding for his first time over by the Mariott center on BYU campus. There was hardly any snow, but luckily we found some. Then later that day it snowed like 5 more inches:) We had lots of fun anyway! I think the one of me going off the jump is my favorite:) Brady didn't like going down with me cause I always scream. Good thing we got Brady a sled for his birthday! Enjoy!

January 06, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Brady!

Robert and Brady on his birthday after eating his Birthday cake:)
Brady's homemade birthday cake; this was the most complicated recipe I've ever made. It involved boiling carrots in apple juice concentrate and pureeing with craisins etc. Some of the other ingredients were...2 eggs and 4 egg whites, applesauce, apple juice concentrate, wheat germ, wheat flour, and pureed cream cheese, apple juice and craisins for the frosting and geletin. WOW. This cake probably took me 2 hours to make, it was crazy. But it was good, and healthy for Brady and he loved it. It was also his dinner:) Here is Brady eating his First Birthday cake:

For a last minute birthday party this one sure turned out good! Some of our friends came over to celebrate with us and brought a couple presents for Brady. We had a great time and thanks to all of you who came over on last minute notice. We are having a family Birthady party for Brady in Salt Lake City on Friday, which has been planned for a while. Brady is so popular he has to have two birthday parties! Happy First Birthday Brady!

January 04, 2010

Settlers of Catan

Ok so we are addicted to the game Settlers of Catan. We must've played it 10 times over the Holidays. It is a family favorite, we just love it. Last year when I was on bed rest and Brady was in the hospital we must have played it about 10 times too.
The other day Robert and I played it, and we like to set it up different every time, just for fun. Robert won of course, but that doesn't keep me from wanting to play again and try to win, but instead after he won, I wanted to keep playing, so we played till we could build all our pieces, and he still won. He totally killed me, twice.
Anyway we need to get the expansion version so we can play with more than 4 people! But we are so cheap, we are waiting to find a good deal (cause we buy most of our games at second hand stores, we at least have to buy NEW games on sale).
So...if anyone wants to play...come on over! Or any game for that matter, we love to play games!

A visit from Phil

Phillip came to visit us on New Years on his way back up to Rexburg from AZ. It is always so great to see him! We love talking about walking the Anasazi trail and girls (of his) and what not. I am so proud of Phillip for all the accomplishments in his life. He has served a mission in Russia, going to college at BYUI and majoring in Engineering, and served a long time at the Anasazi foundation (over a year) becoming a pro-trailwalker, then Sage walker then Wind walker then Rabbit Stick/Dawn Star Walker. Phillip always goes above and beond what I do. I loved Anasazi a lot, but I was only there for a summer..then got on with my life and always have wanted to go back. Anyway, Phil is awesome and becoming such a wonderful young man and quite a catch for some great girl..:) Love you Phil, come back and visit us soon!