March 03, 2010

My First Book!!

Yeah My first book! It was so fun to make for Brady! His own customized ABC book! Here you can see a few examples of some of the pages. (Sorry for the camera flash glare). So I guess this is the reason I haven't been blogging as much, cause I've been busy online making books and other projects through Heritage Makers.
I just started working as a Consultant for Heritage Makers too, which has been so fun! I work from home, go and do parties/workshops whenever I want and share my new hobby! It's the best of both worlds! I am also making a wedding canvas with a pic of the temple and some pics of us; a mission book (which I'm so excited about); a deck of cards; business cards; birthday cards etc all online with Heritage Makers! You should try it, it's GENIOUS! My new website is Check me out:) Let me know if you wanna make a book too!!

Adventures of Brady

Here are a few pics of the last couple months of Brady's adventures. He is so cute, and funny. He makes me laugh every day, just like his dad. He is a master crawler-when someone sees him crawl, they say "dang! He is so fast!" But now...he is finally mastering the 'cruising' stage and teasing us with the few steps he will take on his own. He is SO close to walking. He can hold on to one of my hands, and walk all around the apartment, and even let go of something and stand still with out holding onto anything, or take a few steps. It's so fun to see him progressing. Enjoy his cute pics: