August 18, 2010

Dinosaur Museum and Petting Zoo at Thanksgiving Point

The water fountain thingy at Thanksgiving Point-So FUN! Brady's back is to the camera in the white shirt in the front.
Climbed into the chair by himself, he's so cute:) Slipping outof the chair 2 seconds after he got in.
He's so clever, hiding under the sign, and he thinks he's so funny, and he is:)
When Brady gets really excited, he "jumps" up and down really just squatting and popping up, not actually coming off the ground:) It's the cutest thing ever. He got really excited about feeding the goats when they licked the corn out of his little fingers.
This is our neighbor's daughter, Callie, she is Brady's "girlfriend" cause they look so cute together and they are the same age (just a few weeks apart). They even hug and kiss (after he pushes her). It's so cute:) Mama and Brady at the Dinosaur Museum! Free Pony Ride!! Brady LOVED it and held on all by himself!
"Rooaaaaaaarrrrr!!" Brady's little laugh in this picture is so cute!
Thanks Two Dollar Tuesday for making August at Thanksgiving Point affordable and FUN! Even though it was a ZOO, no pun intended, it was fun. I think Brady liked the petting zoo more than the museum! And I got to milk a cow, that was my first time! I wasn't very good at it:( But it was cool, in a way, but then I felt bad, cause it reminded me of when I was nursing, and if I was a COW I would hate someone pulling on my nipples the wrong way! Anyway it was a blast. Then we got 50 cent ice cream cones and played in the water sprinker/fountain thing which was a blast.

August 06, 2010

My Mission Book

I finished my Mission Book!!! I am so excited to share it with you all, and since you all can't see it in person, please check it out by clicking on the following link! I am so excited about it! I did it on Heritage Makers, and it took me a while, cause I wanted to make sure I put everyone's names in and got all the dates right, so here it is: I served my mission in Spain, Bilbao (which is actually not a mission anymore) from July 6th 2005-December 23, 2007. I'd love to hear your comments. Let me know if you wanna make a book too for any reason! It's so awesome!