October 05, 2010

Summer fun 2010

Robert loves the Slip n' Slide! He made it up of all of his air mattresses. I couldn't make it past the fourth air mattress!

We love having a pool at our Condo complex! The Potter Pyramid!

Hanging out with all the Potter's on the Fourth of July. We were only missing Cari and her family!

Robert made me walk through the reflecting pool on temple square. Has ANYONE ever done such a thing??

Then Robert had to walk through a fountain on Temple square too.

The Matthews showed us this sweet rope swing on the Provo river. The water is ice cold and in a shaded area all day, Robert and Lance are so brave!

Ice cream at a BYU activity. Just like his mom:)

We went to the Utah County fair and saw all the animals and Brady loved the tractors! Anything with a wheel that he can pretend to drive, he loves!

Of course Brady had to walk through water on Temple square too! On top of the conference center!

We had so much fun this summer. We did so many fun things and played hard and worked hard! Brady is growing up so fast and I'm so glad we had so much fun this summer. Our next post will be about our adventures at Cornbelly's Corn maze at Thanksgiving Point aka Toddler HEAVEN!!

October 04, 2010


We finally went camping this summer! We went up the American Fork Canyon to the Timpanooke Campground. The weather was beautiful and the trees were just starting to change colors. It got super cold at night, but we made it. Brady had a BLAST. He loved running around outside and exploring so much that he wouldn't take a nap, he just cried for about 20 minutes, then we gave up and got him out of the tent, and went hiking. We hiked up to Scout falls (not very impressive) but the hike was beautiful! We actually hiked passed the falls thinking it was up further. Brady fell asleep in the backpack for the majority of the way up, then woke up when we got to the falls and pointing to the mini waterfall said, "Woooooaah!!!"
Megan, Robert, and Brady (asleep in the pack), above Scout Falls in American Fork Canyon:
Hiking boots- this one's for you Cortnie Robert exploring and climbing with Brady asleep on his back. Robert