October 22, 2011

Miniature Golf Tournament: Robert vs. Megan

We've been practicing all summer for the big tournament... 5 miniature golf courses. 81 holes. 2 participants. Our awesome friends Sloan and Julia babysat Brady so we could stay focused on our big day. No distractions. We began the tournament at 10:30am in Orem at Trafalga. (Thanks Pass of all Passes! Unlimited miniature golf for 1 year!) The coast was clear, no one in sight, we thought we would fly through the courses. The temperature was a little chilly starting out, but soon warmed up with sunny and clear conditions. We brought our chosen putters and balls. I had a Topflight and Robert had a Nike. All rules applied. We were allowed to redo one whole on each course.
Here is a picture of Robert after getting a hole in one. I couldn't believe it. That's not the only hole in one that was made! In the end we both got 5 holes in one total. Robert is really good. And all this miniature golfing has actually helped Robert's short game on the real corse:) But I have been practicing a lot too. Lots of days while Robert is at work, Brady and I go golfing. But the true winner of the 2011 Trafalga Orem and Lehi Miniature Golf Tournament is......
You guessed it.
But with 81 holes I didn't come in far behind, only 7 holes. Robert hit 207 and I hit 214. At least he thought I was pretty good competition, which I was:) We finished in about 2 1/2 hours. Robert is a good sport, or maybe he expected to win, but he didn't rub it in too much. Then he bought me lunch, so I wasn't too crushed:)

October 20, 2011

More quilting.....Hot Pot holders!

Just in case you thought I had had my fill of quilting, think again! The options are endless! I found a way to use my tiny scraps of fabric! And I think this will be my new wedding gift, so if you're getting married soon...you might be able to expect some sweet and colorful potholders:) Take a look:
The back has an envelope for your hand to slide into:
Set #2
These actually were a lot harder to make than I thought they would be when I attempted to make them. I thought, "Oh how cute, they are small and will be quick and easy to make!" wrong! they totally took some time and skill (which the latter part I'm getting better at).
The Back of #2:
Up close -machine quilted spiral:
And if you're having a baby anytime soon, for your gift from me, you can choose between a baby wrap or baby blanket. I can't wait to make my first baby blanket!
Sewing is so satisfying!

October 15, 2011

Brady's Whirlygig quilt

While I was taking pictures of my quilt for the last post, Brady was sleeping all curled up in his quilt, and it was pretty tough to get a good picture, so that's why this is in a different post. This is Brady's quilt that I made for him, its a twin size, and was much easier than my quilt:) I just quilted it on my machine with vertical lines (red thread) and put some yarn ties just for Brady cause he likes to play with them.
The backing is just solid blue as is the binding.
I got this pattern from the same book as my first quilt called "Fresh Quilting". It's called the 'Whirlygig qulit'. Hence the pattern of warm colors making a whirlygig shape:
Both of my quilts' patterns were based on the pairing of warm and cool colors. And although Brady likes his new quilt, it will still never replace his favorite baby blankie that he has to have to sleep with.

October 13, 2011

Improvisational Quilt

Well if you know that I've been busy quilting lately, you've been wanting to see what I've made!
So it all started with Robert's friend giving us a king size bed. Sweet! But I didn't realize that meant all new bedding. I started with buying sheets....then I realized as fall and then winter were approaching we would need a bigger blanket. SO... of course I decided to MAKE one. I found a cute book with modern quilts and picked this one. Its an Improvisational quilt, and yes it's colorful. And no, this does not present any design technique for our room. I just saw the quilt and loved it, and I tend to pick pieces that I love without thinking ahead of how it will fit into a design theme:) That goes for picking out clothes too:) So with no further adieu, here it is:
-from the side-
-from the foot of the bed-
-the back-
-Using a quilt frame, each square was HAND QUILTED, this is viewed from the back so you can see the stitching-
Each square varied between a round spiral, square spiral, two squares, three squares, diamonds, and rounded edge square spiral- as follows:
I was going to hand finish the binding, but I was just to excited to be done with it that I just finished it off on my trusty sewing machine my mom got me at a yard sale, with a zigzag stitch. I probably spent less than $150 on everything; fabric, batting, thread, rotary mat and cutter. It felt SO good to accomplish something so big and awesome. And for my first quilt, I know a king size was ambitious, but that's what we needed! Being my first quilt, I made a lot of mistakes, but I learned a lot, and I'm overall very happy with the outcome! Whadda think? How do you think I could design my room around this masterpiece?