April 27, 2009


This is the Potter Ladder. I have been climbing it since Robert and I got married. Every time I do something "Potter-ish", Robert moves me up a rung. It has taken me a year. You can see the dates on the left each time I moved up and this is the completed ladder. It took me a while to climb the last couple rungs. But what did it you ask? Well, Robert said, the fact that I actually gave birth to a Potter and lived with one for a whole year:) Some other reasons that I moved up were reasons such as; telling Robert that we need more games; getting better at playing and beating him at Settlers of Catan; and many more "Potter-ish" things. So for our anniversary (March 15th), Brady's birth, and my birthday(March 21), Robert made me this shirt. He took a picture of me a while ago climbing on some basalt columns and later used the picture and cropped me out and put me on this t-shirt climbing the ladder. It's green cause thats the color my shirt is in the picture and my favorite color. And I thought it only appropriate to take the picture in front of Robert's game collection. He is such a Potter.
And I am glad to announce that now I AM TOO! I'M A POTTER!! :) Yeah!!! Now................. Brady has a Potter ladder......

April 17, 2009

You are never too Young to Enjoy an Easter Egg Hunt

Last Saturday night while my brother Phil was visiting we dyed easter eggs just like we did when we were kids. I hid them really well around our apartment complex, and my husband, brother, and our friend Laura hunted for them. There were 32 eggs, and after about 30 minutes of endless hunting and going over where they had already looked they had only found about 27 eggs. I had to walk around and give them hints cause they couldn't find them all. And Robert had been bragging about how he was going to hide them SOOOO good. So the challenge was on for me to be creative since I was going to hide the eggs. Anyway, we eventually found all of them with quite a bit of hinting by me, but in the end it was so much fun!!!! The hiding, being sneaky, dying the eggs, pretty colors, fake eggs with candy (if you go that way), the excitement, the running around, the race, the cleverness, and the glory of finding the most eggs or the prize egg!!I don't think we have done an easter egg hunt since we were young. So from here on out....its EASTER EGG HUNTS FOR EVERYONE EVERY YEAR! Yeah!

April 15, 2009

Brady was crying cause he was hungry so I picked him up then set him on the couch for a sec while I got a bottle ready and he fell asleep and he was out for like 15 more min. It was so funny, cause he just fell asleep in a random position and forgot he was hungry. This kid cracks us up.
My brother Phil came to visit after finishing work at Anasazi. His first time meeting Brady! It was good to see him and get a dose of Anasazi. But his Jeep broke down and he stayed a couple extra days so we got more time with him! :)

My first time calling 911

It was about 5:30 in the afternoon and Robert had just left to go to the Stake Center to watch Priesthood session. It was one of the few nice spring days and I wanted to take Brady on a walk. I stepped outside to check the weather and naturally shut the door behind me and it was locked. Brady was inside sleeping in his crib and had started fussing and I figured he would wake up hungry soon. I had no phone or keys, and was only wearing shorts/t-shirt/sandals! I ran to the managers house just accross the parking lot and after ringing his doorbell 5 times realized he wasn't home. I ran to the apartments' office and of course I knew no one would be there on Saturday. I ran back to the managers, and still no one answered. I didn't know what to do. There was a guy in the parking lot with lawn-care tools in his truck and I asked him if he was one of the mainetenance guys and he said no he was just helping his mother-in-law move some stuff. I asked if I could use his phone and explained that I was locked out and my baby was inside. So I called Robert...no answer. But I hung up and didn't leave a message cause the guy was getting another call. After that I sent Robert a text that said "It's meg, I'm locked out and Brady is inside." We waited for Robert to respond or call back but he never did. Then this guy said he was headed to Selah where the Stake Center is and said he'd go find Robert and tell him to come home. So he left after I explained to him where the church was and just to go inside and ask someone if they knew Robert Potter. So then I went and knocked on my other neighbors door...I called 911. We also found an emergency number for the manager of our apartments and got ahold of him who called another maintenance guy who had a key to come over-and he just lived 5 blocks away. A police officer showed up about 2 minutes later, but all he could do was 'bust open' the door. So we waited on that option. Then Robert showed up!!!!! Rescued!!! By now I could hear Brady crying through the door and I ran inside and picked him up. It turns out that the guy who originally helped me who went to Selah to find Robert, went into the church and Robert was sitting right there in the foyer and was the first one he talked to. He said "do you know Mark Potter?" and Robert said, "no, but there's lots of guys in the chapel". Then the guy explained what happened and Robert said, "my name is Robert Potter?" and the guy said "maybe...do you live in the Lake Aspen apartments??" and he said "YES" and the guy said "Well it's probably YOU!!" So Robert ran home. It turns out Robert never got the text message I sent him and would've listened to the message had I left one but I didn't. I was only locked out for about 30 minutes, but with a little baby thats pretty scarey. Robert only got to listen to about an hour of conference (sorry rob). But what a blessing to that guy in the parking lot who let me use his cell phone and offered to go find my husband. And what a miracle that Robert happened to be in the foyer and the first guy he talked to. So the moral of the story is, don't lock yourself out. If you do, have a spare key somewhere. You can't climb in the window if you live on the 3rd floor unless you have a ladder. The police are useless except for breaking down the door. And make sure you know how to get ahold of your manager even on the weekend. Even better, make sure you have a prayer in your heart and your husband is at Priesthood session so the Lord will bless you as he did me.

April 06, 2009

My parents with Brady on his blessing day. What a big day it was for him. We changed him into his outfit right before church waking him up from his nap. He took a nap at church, I fed him there, then changed him out of his blessing outfit cause his diaper leaked...but we still hadn't gotten any "blessing" pics so....once again later woke him up while sleeping to get him back into 'the outfit'. He had a long day. That night was the first time he slept through the night, 6 hours at least!!

Brady's Blessing Day

This is our little family after Brady's blessing at the lunch we had with our family. Grama made Brady's outfit which was so handsome but a bugger to get on and off. What a special day and we were so happy our families came.

Stick Figure Family

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