April 20, 2013

Montour Reunion

We had the most wonderful little reunion in Arizona with our Dad's sisters Charlene and Kathlene and friend Darlene. Phillip's family was down for a visit and Charlene and Kathlene now live in AZ as well as us, so we all got together! We had a wonderful visit with tears, presents, pictures, lunch, swimming, stories, history, and babies! This week was my first time meeting my new niece Lola Fern (Fern after our Dad's mother). And Phillip's first time seeing Charlene in 20 years! I haven't seen Charlene in 10 years! We really wished the rest of the family could've come, but it was fairly last minute that we planned this get together. For most of our lives we have lived on opposite sides of the country and have seen each other only on rare occasion. So this was such a long awaited reunion and extra special to all be together. 
Charlene and Lola:
 Kathlene and Catcher:
 Kathlene, Catcher, Darlene, and Lola....babies!!!:
 Kathlene was so good to give Brady attention as the adults tried to talk and catch up. Here she is with Catcher and Brady:
 Phillip, Charlene, Lydia, Lola, Megan, Catcher, Kathlene and Brady
 And the silly faces:):
 Phillip, Kathlene, Charlene, and Me (I think Lola looks like Kathlene and Catcher looks like Charlene:))
Thank you to everyone for making the trip to Glendale, AZ so we could reunite!!! Montour LOVE!!!