July 31, 2011


So I've been busy lately making headbands. I had this old headband from Old Navy I got like 15 years ago, and it was getting pretty worn out, and I loved it and wanted to wear it all the time but it didn't match everything, so I wanted to see if I could make some! I tried a few and got some ideas. My cousin Andrea also makes them and hers are awesome, but I got that creative bug and wanted to make some myself. I started with making flowers and other designs etc. and they are cute but took too much time:
Exhibit a:

Then I decided to just make them plain but double sided and slightly curved so they fit your head better. Exhibit b:

and c:
And I love them! Now I can wear them with lots of different outfits. It helps me look not so homely too cause I hardly wear jewlry and now I can jazz up any outfit with a fun headband !
Check out some others I've made:http://www.etsy.com/shop/HeyMrsPotter