May 18, 2009

I don't wanna waste my life.

I was jogging the other day it was a beaufiful sunny evening and i was listening to a song by Counting Crows and all of a sudden i realized the lyrics said, "You don't wanna, you don't wanna, you don't wanna waste your life, Change! Change! Change!" It was like an awakening meditative moment where life gives you a piece of advice you had forgotten about, but it's simple. So I thought maybe I could share this awakening advice with you all. Don't waste your life, change. The song is on the August and Everything After album called "A Murder of One". PS. Counting Crows has been my favorite band since i can remember ever listening to music (like 10 years old). My favorite song was "Round Here". I guess I haven't changed much:) But in other areas I need to make some changes:) -Megan

May 12, 2009


We're moving to Provo in August! Robert is going to continue working as a Dental Assistant and take a few night classes. If you know of any good 2 bd. places we can rent please let us know. Or duplex. And if you know of good dentist's that are hiring Assistants, PLEASE let us know. Thanks much. For all those in Utah, we are so excited to be closer to you now and play with you! For all those in Washington, we are sad to leave and will miss you (but we'll be back eventually).

May 01, 2009

Brady's Smile

So Brady has been smiling now for about a month and its so dang cute, but hard to catch on camera. It seems like he knows when we get the camera out to capture his smile and then turns the smiles off, so this is what we've managed to get so far. But none of them quite do justice to his best smiles.