May 05, 2011

When is your Half Birthday?

This post is 100% inspired my sister in Law Lydia whose 1/2 birthday is Today!! happy 1/2 Birthday Lydia!! and Happy Cinco de Mayo, ps. a GREAT day for a 1/2 birthday and all the more reason to celebrate!! So I was curious when mine was so I looked it up....
"When is your Half Birthday?: "Your half birthday falls on Tuesday, September 20th, 2011, which is 138 days from now.
The next birthday is 321 days from now. Which is amazing cause 3/21 IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! WHOOOAAA!!!! WIII-EERD!
March 21st, 1984 fell on a Wednesday and was 27 years, 1 month and 13 days (a total of 9,906 days) ago. The above assumes that it's Thursday, 5 May 2011"
So there you go.
If you wanna celebrate with me on Sept. 20th, it will be a party!!
When is YOUR 1/2 birthday?
What is the appropriate way to cellebrate 1/2 birthdays?? I like how Lydia did it, ate 1/2 a cake...maybe you just do a halfsies theme. On my mission at my half way mark, I ate 1/2 a pizza;)
How should it be done??