November 11, 2011

Potter Halloween 2011: Snowman

So I know I'm getting this post out a little late, but I wanted to post a few pics of our Halloween costumes. Robert had the great idea to dress up as a Snowman! Robert was the big snowball, I was the medium snowball, and Brady was the cute little snowball head of the snowman, carrot and all. Of course these costumes are homemade, but they didn't take too much effort. Sorry the pics aren't good quality, but that's all we got. We had lots of fun trick-or-treating with Brady, we all dressed up and took him around our neighborhood. Brady loved it, of course the idea of getting free candy was amazing to him:)
Robert and Brady with a two-ball snowman: (Robert is hiding his head)
Brady was touching the ceiling with us all stacked up, otherwise Robert would've stood up. When we went trick or treating to our friends the Rehder's house we quickly got up in our Potter Snowman Pyramid and then rang the doorbell, they got quite the trick for a treat! The funny thing is that they had their window open the whole time and could hear us laughing and struggling as we got into pyramid form:)
Please don't mind our messy house, putting together Halloween costumes always produces a huge mess. There is a video of us on my facebook page if you wanna see it, it's pretty funny and cute. Anyway, hope you all had a fun Halloween this year. Unfortunetly we didn't have a costume contest, but if we did, we would have taken first place again for sure.