January 26, 2010

Brady's first time Sledding

We took Brady sledding for his first time over by the Mariott center on BYU campus. There was hardly any snow, but luckily we found some. Then later that day it snowed like 5 more inches:) We had lots of fun anyway! I think the one of me going off the jump is my favorite:) Brady didn't like going down with me cause I always scream. Good thing we got Brady a sled for his birthday! Enjoy!

January 06, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Brady!

Robert and Brady on his birthday after eating his Birthday cake:)
Brady's homemade birthday cake; this was the most complicated recipe I've ever made. It involved boiling carrots in apple juice concentrate and pureeing with craisins etc. Some of the other ingredients were...2 eggs and 4 egg whites, applesauce, apple juice concentrate, wheat germ, wheat flour, and pureed cream cheese, apple juice and craisins for the frosting and geletin. WOW. This cake probably took me 2 hours to make, it was crazy. But it was good, and healthy for Brady and he loved it. It was also his dinner:) Here is Brady eating his First Birthday cake:

For a last minute birthday party this one sure turned out good! Some of our friends came over to celebrate with us and brought a couple presents for Brady. We had a great time and thanks to all of you who came over on last minute notice. We are having a family Birthady party for Brady in Salt Lake City on Friday, which has been planned for a while. Brady is so popular he has to have two birthday parties! Happy First Birthday Brady!

January 04, 2010

Settlers of Catan

Ok so we are addicted to the game Settlers of Catan. We must've played it 10 times over the Holidays. It is a family favorite, we just love it. Last year when I was on bed rest and Brady was in the hospital we must have played it about 10 times too.
The other day Robert and I played it, and we like to set it up different every time, just for fun. Robert won of course, but that doesn't keep me from wanting to play again and try to win, but instead after he won, I wanted to keep playing, so we played till we could build all our pieces, and he still won. He totally killed me, twice.
Anyway we need to get the expansion version so we can play with more than 4 people! But we are so cheap, we are waiting to find a good deal (cause we buy most of our games at second hand stores, we at least have to buy NEW games on sale).
So...if anyone wants to play...come on over! Or any game for that matter, we love to play games!

A visit from Phil

Phillip came to visit us on New Years on his way back up to Rexburg from AZ. It is always so great to see him! We love talking about walking the Anasazi trail and girls (of his) and what not. I am so proud of Phillip for all the accomplishments in his life. He has served a mission in Russia, going to college at BYUI and majoring in Engineering, and served a long time at the Anasazi foundation (over a year) becoming a pro-trailwalker, then Sage walker then Wind walker then Rabbit Stick/Dawn Star Walker. Phillip always goes above and beond what I do. I loved Anasazi a lot, but I was only there for a summer..then got on with my life and always have wanted to go back. Anyway, Phil is awesome and becoming such a wonderful young man and quite a catch for some great girl..:) Love you Phil, come back and visit us soon!