November 23, 2014


We got to visit our families in Washington this fall and absolutely loved the beautiful leaves and got our fill of cold weather! We went to Chuck-E-Cheese; attended the Columbia River temple with Roberts Parents; served at the Spokane Temple with my family doing grounds work; I made a temple dress with the help my mom and got a great sewing lesson; we celebrated Thanksgiving early and some birthdays; Robert and I went on a fancy date to see Intersteller on the IMAX (awesome!); and had a great time playing with family and being together. What an awesome visit to Washington!

 Me and Catcher out by the chickens at my parents house. Cutest picture ever if I do say so myself!

Me and my sister in law, Cari, hiked Badger mountain in the rain, cold and wicked wind! It was awesome!

Playing in the Fall leaves, me, Brady and Cari.
Badger mountain peak. 
Chuck E Cheese pizza is yummy, ehem, and of course the salad bar! Fun times playing games with Grandma Potter.
Brady swinging at Grandma Marilyn's house, even though it was freezing they wanted to play outside every day!
A date with Catcher, sitting in Santa's chair!
Raking the leaves at aunt Cari's house, and playing in them of course. Brady and Catcher.
Another ridiculously cute picture. Mom and Brady.
Went to the Columbia River temple with Roberts parents.