September 22, 2009

My first time Canning!

My mom got me all the Canning gear for my birthday, so I decided to work on my food storage. I started with 49 Utah peaches (0.47 cents/lb.). Not alot I know, but it's a start for my first time and I only had 12 pint jars.
Blanching the peaches 3 at a time:) Soaking in cold water after blanching
Pit, Peel, Cut and sitting in the Fruit Fresh water ready to be jarred. I got about 2 peaches in each jar (less than I estimated).
I got about 14 jars and two didn't seal quite right. I did it all by myself while Brady was taking a nap within 2-3 hours and all cleaned up by the time my husband got home from his job interview. It felt great and I made my mom so proud:) I just wish I could've done more peaches for all that work. Next year I'll get canning crazy! I can't wait!
"Millions of Peaches, Peaches for me." :) Member that song?

September 13, 2009

Last visit to Grandma Lucy's before we moved

Brady riding the donkey at Grandma Lucy's
Four Generation picture (from left to right: Robert's Mom Dianne,
her mom Lucille, Robert, and Brady).
Me and Robert taking the same picture 2 years later
2 years earlier in the same spot on our 3rd date:)

Lake Roosevelt trip

Robert and Brady's first time at Grand Coulee Dam.
We stopped at Dry Falls on the way home from Lake Roosevelt which is what would be even bigger than Niagra falls and the biggest in North America if it still had water running over it .
More pics of the Ward Campout at Lake Roosevelt. Me and Robert on the big tube behind the 'Party boat', I'm standing up "surfing" and Robert with no hands. This was so much fun!

September 07, 2009

Hold on to your life jacket!

This is a video from our ward campout at Lake Roosevelt. We rode down the river like over an hour on Bro. Tree's party boat to these cliffs and everyone and their dog was throwing themselves off of it. I thought they were all crazy, at least I didn't wanna do it. I jumped off the little one to the left:) Robert got up there and got all the way on the ledge balancing by holding on to Taylor's hand:) He didn't think about hitting the water straight like a pencil, all he kept thinking was, "Just hold on to your life jacket!" But he did it and made the BIGGEST SPLASH! Good job Rob:)