July 05, 2012

Baby Blessing

Since we've been home from the hospital, Robert took a week off of work to take care of us which was so nice but went by way too fast. This first picture is the first time in his new swing and we got a smile!:
Proud big brother! (and silly):
Baby Catcher brought Brady a present! He loves his new train set!:

Catching some rays to help his biliruben levels go down. He has had jaundice pretty bad so we've given him lots of light and he is all better now. 

I have a bunch of BOYS:
Blessing day:
We weren't sure we wanted to bless him so soon (9 days old!) but we figured out next fast Sunday would be our first Sunday in our new ward in AZ which we probably wouldn't do it then so we'd have to wait till he was 3 months old, and if we waited any longer his little blessing outfit would NOT fit...so we just did it:) He was able to wear the same blessing outfit that my mom made for Brady, so that was pretty cool. Robert gave a very sweet blessing for Catcher and we were so happy to have all of our family who lived in Utah come and participate in the blessing and have a picnic with us. Our little family on Catcher's blessing day:
from left to right: Wendy holding baby Walker, Lance holding Aria, Meiken holding baby Beatrix, Mike, Grandma Ruth, Grandpa Joseph, Ben (in front) with his bulldog Mac, Megan holding baby Catcher, Robert, Brady (in front), Becky, and Brad. This is the most beautiful family picture! 

We sure are enjoying our new baby who is so sweet. He just eats all day, sleeps really good at night, and poops every diaper:) Last night after we watched the fireworks for the 4th of July he ate more than he's ever eaten (30+ min. straight) then slept more than he ever has before, 5 1/2 hours! Brady is a good big brother and doing really well with him and the transition. And of course Robert is the best dad ever and loves his little Catcher. And now we are very lucky to have my mom here helping out for a week!