January 26, 2012

Arizona here we come

Well you probably already know this cause I sent it in our Christmas newsletter, and I guess the blog is the last to know, but after much patience and faith, Robert has been accepted to school. After 3 years we finally realized that Dental School must just not be the Lord's plan for us, so we quit banging our heads against a wall. Robert explored his options in the health field and chose to pursue Optometry. That way he didn't have to pay for my eye care anymore:) j/k Partly because it was the path of least resistance (aka no additional pre-reqs or experience needed) and partly because he felt it would provide a good lifestyle and be an interesting and enjoyable profession. He also looked into Podiatry, Physical Therapy, and a few others. I thought he would really enjoy PT but he felt it would require too much experience before getting accepted to school and additional pre-reqs that he didn't wanna spend more time on. He also thought it would wear him out physically and wanted to not be tired from a days work when he got home:) After observing a Podiatrist for a day, he just didn't think he would enjoy working with feet. Yeah.
So he applied to quite a few Optometry schools, not knowing how non-competitive it was compared to dental schools, and got invited for about 7 interviews! He interviewed in Philadelphia, Chicago, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Arizona, and turned down the rest. He ended up getting accepted to ALL of them! Arizona was our first choice and the school he interviewed at last, so we had to hold out a bit. But we are so excited to say that Robert will be starting school in the fall at Midwestern in Glendale, AZ!
Congratulations Sweetie!!!!!
We are so glad to be moving on in our lives after three years! Especially to Arizona:) Robert will make a great Optometrist! For some reason the Lord just didn't want Robert to go to Dental school, and after working as a Dental Assistant for 3 years he realized maybe it wasn't really something he would enjoy. So it was quite the test of patience and faith for us, but we know Heavenly Father was watching out for us and trying to bless us with what was best for us. So this summer will be a busy one for us. We will have a baby in June and then move in August and Robert will start school. I hope I don't have a nervous breakdown:) Nevertheless we are very excited for our upcoming changes!
And in case you're wondering what I made for breakfast:
Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake
I got the recipe from Pinterest (my new best friend) and it is SOOOO good!!!!!!!!! If you want the recipe click here: Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake from Alexandra's kitchen blog. This recipe is great for if you wanna show off like at a Brunch, baby shower, ward potluck, or entertaining for breakfast, or like me- just want to try something yummy and different and not trying to impress anyone except maybe your 3 year old:)