February 22, 2010

Paint and Poop

This morning I woke up tired.....got Brady out of Bed....played with Brady....read my scriptures....and just as I picked up Brady to go get his bottle....something wet. Yes wet all over him and now me. Usually it would be poop, but it was Paint! He had tipped over a buket of paint and it had slowly leaked all over the carpet...and of course he was playing and sitting in it, so when I picked him up....it was paint. Aye yay yay! As I was cleaning him off (lukily the paint cleans off with water) I think I would it rather have been explosive poo than paint all over him. So as I'm cleaning him off...the I realize...he sort of stinks. Great, poop! Ok...no problem, just a poopy diaper right. As I procede to change his diaper he sticks his hands down there...getting poop all over his hands...and on whatever he touches. That's when I decided...well he's already naked (from stripping off his paint clothes)...time to let the bath do the rest of the work. So at 9am...before he or I even ate breakfast...he's in the bath. Then with all the dirty towels and clothes from paint, poop, and bathing, of course I decide to do a load of laundry. Sheesh I'm still tired. I need a shower, and a nap, and breakfast! Now the kid is hungry...So we eat breakfast...and he's throwing his food all over the floor (normal).
So I hope you don't say "ooh poor Megan"...cause that's not really what I'm getting at. I just want you to laugh at my rediculous morning, cause when these things happen, you just have to laugh. Then eat and sleep and shower and hope your husband comes home soon:) Even though you know the latter part won't happen very soon.
It's mornings like these that make me think, "why do i want to have any more kids?" Brady is great, but he's handful enough. Now you're all thinking..."yeah, she wouldn't be able to handle any more kids". And....you're probably right;)
And for any of you who are baby hungry...please come and babysit mine. He'll cure you.