October 31, 2009

Brady's Portraits 9 months

We finally got professional pictures taken of Brady! It only took us 9 months! I sure wish I would've done it when he was younger too, but oh well. He is so cute with his two bottom teeth in too and now his top teeth are coming in! Pretty soon he's gonna be walkin and talkin- we're not that far off. Holy moly kids grow up fast.

October 21, 2009

Brady is crawling

Brady crawled for the first time on Sunday October 18th! It was so exciting cause he's been working on it now for a few weeks! Now he is crawling all over and its time to Baby proof!

October 13, 2009

I LOVE being a MOM!

Ok so all my life I have always heard mom's say "I Love being a mom", "Being a mom is the best!", "There is nothing better than motherhood." etc. So now I am a mom and sometimes people ask me how mother hood is. I am working on optimism but I also consider myself a 'realist' rather than pessimistic. I don't usually sugar coat things, I tell it like it is.

So what I usually say when asked this question is, "..Uh...It's good," and proceed to talk about the challenges of my new life as a stay-at-home-mom. You mom's probably know what challenges I'm talking about: changing diapers and feeding all day; milk stains on all your shirts; nothing fits unless you are fortunate enough to fit into your pre-preggie clothes; showers....maybe and if so never before noon; personal time...pretty slim; hobbies...they went from rock climbing and backpacking to sewing and bread making or anything you can do during nap time; sleep....you don't need an alarm clock anymore cause your kid(s) do a great job; dating...you're lucky if you can get a babysitter for a couple hours; sex....let's just say things have changed, especially your body; and your social life...mommy groups if your lucky.

Like I said I'm a realist right.

Ok so if I were better at optimism I'd say, "Being a mom is the best and most rewarding job on earth!" It's so exciting watching your kid(s) grow and learn and develop; there is nothing better than making them laugh; you get to dress them in such cute clothes (even though they end up with all sorts of bodily fluids on them); greeting them in the morning is the best cause you both actually miss each other; they are SO cute and you love them like crazy; you feel so great serving someone all day every day other than yourself...let's just say it helps keep you humble; and one day when the kid(s) are older and can verbally say how much they love you and how grateful they are for you...then... it will have been all worth it.

I'll keep trying to be more optimistic:)