May 12, 2009


We're moving to Provo in August! Robert is going to continue working as a Dental Assistant and take a few night classes. If you know of any good 2 bd. places we can rent please let us know. Or duplex. And if you know of good dentist's that are hiring Assistants, PLEASE let us know. Thanks much. For all those in Utah, we are so excited to be closer to you now and play with you! For all those in Washington, we are sad to leave and will miss you (but we'll be back eventually).


  1. Megan! Yea! I am so excited that you are moving to Utah (even though it is happy valley). Call Mike about a dental jobs. His cousins husband is a dentist and might have some in's somewhere. We will definately have to get together and I am excited to see Brady! Call us if you need help moving.

    Love ya,

  2. I'm not going to share in Mieken's enthusiasm, although I'm glad for you, I'm sad for us!
    You will be missed. Just leave Brady and we'll send pictures :)


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