June 18, 2009


So I got really motivated and started recycling this last month. I even went to talk to our apartment managers and ask if they wanted to get the whole complex to start recycing. I basically got a "yeah right, no way" response. That's ok, cause you can only change the world one person at a time starting with yourself (someone once taught me that). So, I went to "cash in" my recycled goods today and it felt great not only to get rid of the three boxes on my deck of cans/cardboard/milk jugs but to 'do my part' to help keep the world a little cleaner and the landfills a little smaller:) I got one cent for every milk jug (I had 11) and about 10 cents for the cans I had. It took all of 2 minutes to drop everything off. And I got a woppin $0.21 cents!! When I first brought my recycling in the guy asked me if I just wanted to drop it off or weigh it. Weighing it means, get paid for what ever it's worth. Of course I wanted to see how much it'd be worth, even though thats not the point or my purpose in recycling. Really twenty one cents doesn't change my life, and I probably won't even cash in next time. I'll just let them keep their twenty one cents and hope that they will pay thier workers more for working in such a stinky place (literally) or put it towards this good cause. So if you don't recycle and want to "go green" in your own way, just put your cans, milk jugs, paper, and cardboard aside instead of throwing them away! Even if your husband doesn't like it, it will feel great! :) Yeah for Recycling!!

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  1. Yay Megan! Good for you. Scott and I started recycling (mainly because New York forces you to) but it isn't that difficult to do, especially if the area facilitates the recyling and makes it easy and accessible for everyone. There are bottle/glass/can drops in all of the grocery stores here. New York state actually taxes anyone that purchases a bottle/glass/can...I believe it is like 5 cents. We also have different trash cans where you can separate your junk for easy pick up.


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