October 13, 2009

I LOVE being a MOM!

Ok so all my life I have always heard mom's say "I Love being a mom", "Being a mom is the best!", "There is nothing better than motherhood." etc. So now I am a mom and sometimes people ask me how mother hood is. I am working on optimism but I also consider myself a 'realist' rather than pessimistic. I don't usually sugar coat things, I tell it like it is.

So what I usually say when asked this question is, "..Uh...It's good," and proceed to talk about the challenges of my new life as a stay-at-home-mom. You mom's probably know what challenges I'm talking about: changing diapers and feeding all day; milk stains on all your shirts; nothing fits unless you are fortunate enough to fit into your pre-preggie clothes; showers....maybe and if so never before noon; personal time...pretty slim; hobbies...they went from rock climbing and backpacking to sewing and bread making or anything you can do during nap time; sleep....you don't need an alarm clock anymore cause your kid(s) do a great job; dating...you're lucky if you can get a babysitter for a couple hours; sex....let's just say things have changed, especially your body; and your social life...mommy groups if your lucky.

Like I said I'm a realist right.

Ok so if I were better at optimism I'd say, "Being a mom is the best and most rewarding job on earth!" It's so exciting watching your kid(s) grow and learn and develop; there is nothing better than making them laugh; you get to dress them in such cute clothes (even though they end up with all sorts of bodily fluids on them); greeting them in the morning is the best cause you both actually miss each other; they are SO cute and you love them like crazy; you feel so great serving someone all day every day other than yourself...let's just say it helps keep you humble; and one day when the kid(s) are older and can verbally say how much they love you and how grateful they are for you...then... it will have been all worth it.

I'll keep trying to be more optimistic:)


  1. Megan, It took me a while to love being a mom- even though Kenzie was so easy and cute so (I hate to say this) but it gets worse with kid number 2! But I think I can finally say I love being a mom- I think I am starting to understand my life better and I really do rejoice in family and being surrounded by two girls who have so much to teach me. But I do have to get away and have April time or I will go absolutely crazy..

    I have had to re-learn how to allow myself to still do the things I love to do. I have many talks with Chay about how important it is that I separate myself from motherhood and do things for myself.

    Megan you were such a busy girl before kids. You were so active and involved. I can only imagine what it must feel like to stay home all day. Just bring your kid with you EVERYWHERE- get involved again with something- get out- you will feel better- I love you Megan. I would love to come see you soon.

  2. Thanks April. Thats funny that you say it gets worse with kid #2 cause I was just talking to my neighbor and she says it gets easier with kid #2!! Because the can interact and entertain one another... I don't know. I guess I'll make my own judgement when I cross that road:)
    You are right I do need more time to myself. But "megan time" would involve friends, including my husband...and going on adventures...etc or day trips etc. There's not much I would do...on my own if that makes sence. Maybe there are some things...I dunno. But you are right. I also need to make more goals and set my aspirations higher. I have been going jogging each day which has been good (but only for about 15-20 minutes). And the "mommy" group for our ward is during Brady's nap time so I haven't been. But I have great stay-at-home-mommy neighbors so that is nice.
    I love you too April. I would love to see you too! How far away do you live from Provo?

  3. What a great post Meg! I think you were speaking for most of us moms. It's hard to see that the little things each day are actually important...even when deep down we do know how truly important they are. Being a mom is tough stuff...but I don't think Heavenly Father would choose us if we couldn't do it and make the most of it!! :) I've been thinking a lot about the scripture Elder Bednar shared in conference to help motivate/strengthen/give hope...D&C 64:33 "Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great."
    And p.s. When they're older and can say "I love you" back...it is totally worth it!! ;)


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