January 04, 2010

A visit from Phil

Phillip came to visit us on New Years on his way back up to Rexburg from AZ. It is always so great to see him! We love talking about walking the Anasazi trail and girls (of his) and what not. I am so proud of Phillip for all the accomplishments in his life. He has served a mission in Russia, going to college at BYUI and majoring in Engineering, and served a long time at the Anasazi foundation (over a year) becoming a pro-trailwalker, then Sage walker then Wind walker then Rabbit Stick/Dawn Star Walker. Phillip always goes above and beond what I do. I loved Anasazi a lot, but I was only there for a summer..then got on with my life and always have wanted to go back. Anyway, Phil is awesome and becoming such a wonderful young man and quite a catch for some great girl..:) Love you Phil, come back and visit us soon!


  1. If you post that picture of Phil with Brady he will have a girlfriend in no time...How can they resist A cute boy holding a baby...

  2. Who is that studly looking hairy face guy??? It's Uncle Phil! Now that you're at college, you have to shave it all off. Oh well, your cute any which way. Love Mom


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