May 17, 2010

Quick learner at 16 months

Brady has been learning so much lately and so fast I can't keep up with him. He recognizes tons of words, but can't say much yet, but is getting really good at mimicking sounds and trying to say words.
He can't say but knows these words: ball, turtle, dolphin, blanket, dinosaur, drink, book, basketball, balloon, octopus, baby, push, throw, come here, mama, dada; he can do "arms up", point to his nose and your nose; "open your mouth" and he opens it up wide; point to his tummy; "where's your tongue" and he sticks out his tongue; "get the ball" and he looks and gets his ball; get the basket ball and "put it in the basket"; cover his eyes; goes up and down stairs holding on to the railing; give kisses with a wide open mouth; gives hugs; he can jump; clap; growl when he sees animals; wave; give high fives; splash in the water; do motions for "Wheels on the Bus"; he has quite an arm and can throw the ball pretty hard; he can hold the phone up to his ear, and probably more that I can't keep up with. He is also getting in his two top molars which I didn't notice till they had already broke through. He is so much fun!
Some things we're working on are not throwing food; hitting-when he hits, I say "be nice" so now he thinks that that means to hit, so now I say "be careful", he seems to do better with that one; not turning on and off the tv or pushing the channel and volume buttons or taking out the media cables from the tv. Brady is such a smart kid and we have so much fun with him. It is amazing at this stage how much he is learning and absorbing. Yeah for Brady!


  1. Ah, and we're missing all of it! Thanks for the update and don't forget to post some pictures too!!

    Miss you guys!

  2. It is so much fun when they start to "communicate" and are better able to understand words and what things mean.


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