October 04, 2010


We finally went camping this summer! We went up the American Fork Canyon to the Timpanooke Campground. The weather was beautiful and the trees were just starting to change colors. It got super cold at night, but we made it. Brady had a BLAST. He loved running around outside and exploring so much that he wouldn't take a nap, he just cried for about 20 minutes, then we gave up and got him out of the tent, and went hiking. We hiked up to Scout falls (not very impressive) but the hike was beautiful! We actually hiked passed the falls thinking it was up further. Brady fell asleep in the backpack for the majority of the way up, then woke up when we got to the falls and pointing to the mini waterfall said, "Woooooaah!!!"
Megan, Robert, and Brady (asleep in the pack), above Scout Falls in American Fork Canyon:
Hiking boots- this one's for you Cortnie Robert exploring and climbing with Brady asleep on his back. Robert


  1. Wow what a beautiful area! You guys are awesome, glad you found time to camp and hike!

  2. love the feet pic! love the halloween costumes. Really miss you.


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