November 10, 2010

Because of your Faith....My joy is full.

This morning I woke up early, not on purpose, just woke up. I decided to take advantage of the quiet time and read the new Conference Ensign. I flipped through looking for a talk to read, and then decided to start from the beginning. I read the introductory talk by our Prophet, and then read the next talk (which was my favorite from Conference) by Elder Holland called Because of Your Faith.

I was so moved by his talk, again, but in a different way, that I feel so inspired to write to you all. You might remember in his talk that he thanked his parents for sacrificing for him so much so he could serve a mission, and working extra for him so that all the money he had saved for his mission was still there when he got home from his mission so he could pay for college etc. In his talk you might also remember him thanking all those other mothers and fathers out there who have done and are doing the same things for their children. I was a ball of tears during his talk. But this time, in reading it through, my thoughts were turned inwards, to my own mission, and my own life, and what he was really trying to tell us. I think Bro. Hollands talk was really about praising us, members of the church, and good people of the earth, and thanking us for our faith. Then I thought of all those people in my life, who have been such examples and pillars of faith to me.

In his talk he says, talking to us, "No one of you is insignificant, in part because you make the gospel of Jesus Christ what it is-a living reminder of His grace and mercy, a private but powerful manifestation in small villages and large cities of the good He did and the life He gave bringing peace and salvation to other people. We are honored beyond expression to be counted one with you in such a sacred cause.

As Jesus said to the Nephites, so say I today: "Because of your faith...., my joy is full.

"And when he had said these words, he wept.""

After reading his talk, I just sat there, going through in my mind all of these people..... you are probably on my list:

Robert, Mom, Chris, Grandma, Grandpa, Joseph, Memere, Pepere, Phillip, Ben, Charlene, Kathlene, Becky, Brad, Mike, Andrea, Jon, Meiken, Zan, Cindy, Randy, Loni, Bishop Jensen, Bishop Squires, Sis. Johnson, Sis. Holloway, Sis.Wagner, Sis.McCoy, Bree, Olivia, Tricia, Sarah, Whitney, Dre, Cortney, AnnMarie, Carolee, Jessica, April, MaryAnn, Angie, Bishop Peeples, Anjanelle, Aimee, Tonya, Brandon, Melissa, Tina, Summer, Misty, Natalie, Fabi, Christy, Meggan, Rachel, Aidrienne, Andrea, Tashina, Wendy, Lance, Hna. Robertson, Hna. Wheatley, Hna. Horton, Hna. Wheatley, Hna. Harris, Hna. Holbrook, Hna. Kurouski, Hna. Madsen, Hna. Christensen, Hna. Lindsay, Hna. Rumsey, Hna. DuVall, Pte. DuVall, Pte. Zivic, Hna. Zivic, Las Sandra, Patricio, Eric, Sarah, Florin, Matthews, Barneys, Rehders, and I have known hundreds of other people who have given me examples of faith.

It is YOU all who have given me faith to endure, at different times in my life when I have needed it. You have given me an example of faith and assurity that Christ is your Savior, and that God lives and loves us and that no matter what happens, everything will work out because it's in God's hands, as are we. And I want to THANK YOU for being an example to me. We all give each other strength, and we all need each other, and we are all living reminders to each other on a daily basis of our Savior Jesus Christ and his grace and mercy and love. Thank you for enduring, being faithful, and giving me hope and peace in this world and in my life. Imagine how many more people than just me you have touched in your lives. And I have no idea how many peoples lives I have influenced for good, but this is our duty and mission, to the church and to each other, and to ourselves, to help each other.

Thank you all. Keep being examples of faith to all those around you because we need you.


  1. This was a very sweet post Megan. Thank you. Trust me, you've been as much of an example to me as all of those people have been to you. We just read that talk for home evening and it is wonderful. Just what we needed to reassure us that we are doing something right! Love you.

  2. Hopefully I'm the one and only Bree. ;) Love ya tons Meg. Thank you for this post. Your faith and testimony have been a blessing in my life....not to mention all the LAUGHS! Like a BIG stick of buttah!!!!!!

  3. Aww...this made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! What a sweet post. Hna., you are an AMAZING example of faith and service and I strive to be like you. Love ya! Hna. Harris :)

  4. See Megan, that's why you're my daughter - because you inspire me, uplift me, and make me happy to be your mom. Love you so much.


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