March 21, 2011

A lot happens in March!

We have a lot going on in March. First it's St. Patricks Day, which is one of my favorite Holidays. This pic is from last years St. Patricks Day, we went on a treasure hunt with our neighbor friends. Brady is on the right, I'm holding his hand cause he had just barely learned how to walk. This year we got together with my friend Camy and decorated cookies and played. I also learned that Corned beef and Cabbage was a classic on St. Patty's day, but my husband told me never to make it. I guess I'll never know.
(Mia, Audrey, Francesca, Sean, Josh, Lilly, Brooklyn, Brady)
All of us mommies with our strollers on the treasure hunt. Brady and I are in the middle. We have the best friends and neighbors! This treasure hunt was so fun!
(Tonya's stroller with Sean in it, Melissa and Calvin, Me and Brady, Neighbor friend, Anjanelle's stroller with Cortnie, and Rachel)
Brady's due date was March 3rd. He was born two months early in January, but I wish he would've been born in March:) This is a picture of him in the NICU. Robert and I went on our Honeymoon to San Diego 3 years ago. Best week of my life! We got married 3 years ago and celebrated our anniversary on March 15th. Happy Anniversary Sweetie! It feels like its been 5 years to me! Marriage is wonderful and having a family is even better:) Six years ago on March 17th I got my mission call!!! It was on a Thursday, in March of 2005. This is a picture of me with the Mission Call packet. Here is a picture of my roommate AnnMarie and I pointing to Spain where I got called! AnnMarie's birthday is also in March. Happy Birthday AnnMarie!! Here is a picture of my roommate Cortnie and I with my call (unopened) getting ready for our big St. Patricks Day party and Call opening party:) love you Cort!
It's also MARCH MADDNESS!!! I'm getting a little tired of Basketball, but I have to see if my bracket wins! It's not doing so good, but then again niether is anyone elses!)
As you can see March is a Big month! Most of the birthday's in my family are in March too! My sister Mekelle's b-day was on March 1st, she turned 22! My brother-in-law Cord's birthday is on March 3rd (would've shared a b-day with Brady:)) My brother Carson's birthday was on March 10th! My niece Averie and my cousin Annie's birthdays are both on March 11th! My niece, Joy's birthday is also on March 10th! My birthday is TODAY, March 21st (I'm 27!)!! My brother Ben's birthday is on the 25th!! Did I forget anyone??


  1. I always remember your birthday- one day after Chay's!!! Oh Megan I love you! Happy 27! You are so young!

  2. Happy Birthday to Chay!! (I won't ask how old he is:))


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