June 14, 2012

Summer Fun

We've been doing a lot of swimming and relaxing at the pool. Brady took two swimming lessons this spring, and he's putting all his new skills to use! He is so much more confident in the water this summer than last summer. Last year he would pretty much stick playing on the top step, and now he swims all around the pool in his little tube or arm floaties. He goes under the water voluntarily and with no problem, whereas last year he could do it but only when forced and he didn't like it. Also being in the pool has greatly helped this pregnant girl keep the swelling down. I wish I had a pic of my cute maternity swim suit, but I'm always the one taking the pics.

 Our friend Ali invited us to her Stake activity-a Carnival! Brady had a BLAST on the jumpy toys-here he is jumping down the slide! They also had a dunk tank, cotton candy, snow cones, popcorn, a train ride, a kids ferris wheel and more games. It was so cool.

Brady got his face painted right at the end and were cleaning up and trying to finish the huge line of people and by then were only giving boys "spiderman" and the girls "butterflies", so Brady didn't get a choice and wasn't happy about it. He hated the face paint and wanted it off right away. Don't you just love his sad, disappointed expression:
Then there's the pregnant girl, always looking for a place to sit down and her husband always snapping embarrassing pictures of her cause he thinks she's cute:
Brady got a new DRIVER!! He finally accepted the challenge to go poo poo on the potty (consistently) and the prize was a new driver! He loves it!! So here he is at Sleepy Ridge driving range taking lessons from Dad:
He's a natural!

 BYU Monday night bowling!!! We can't get enough of it. Robert has made it his goal to get the Turkey t-shirt and join the 200 club, then get his name on the board by beating the over 200 score of the previous person for that lane. So far he has gotten the Turkey t-shirt, joined the 200 club and got the free t-shirt!! My husband is amazing. So next he just needs to beat the high score for his lane. Last time he almost beat it, but was short by 4 points. So our BYU monday nights will continue at the bowling alley until he is CHAMPION! Meanwhile Brady is getting really good at bowling, he uses a 10 pound ball and always rolls it by himself with no help (besides bumpers) and he can't get enough of bowling. 

 And of course miniature golfing...at least once a week. With our 'Pass of all Passes' we have taken advantage of the unlimited miniature golf. Brady is so good, and Robert is still working on his goal of getting a hole-in-one on EVERY HOLE on EVERY COURSE which is 5 courses and 81 holes!!! So far he has gotten them all but ONE!! Actually this one that Brady is playing in the picture:
...It remains his nemesis. Every time we go he just plays this one hole over and over and over while Brady and I go through the rest of the course. You can do it Sweetie!!
And the bumper boats:
We went to Cabela's one day on the way home from Salt Lake. What a cool store!: 

 And on the normal days when we're not at the pool, we're outside riding bikes and playing with friends:

As for me...I feel like a ticking time bomb. I'm due June 25th...and done being pregnant. That will be the next post...our new addition, baby boy Potter, his name To Be Determined and Announced:)


  1. Great Post. I love Robert's goals; they are so crazy and so worth celebrating when they are actually accomplished. I think I was more excited to achieve our goal of collecting all the NBA gum than any other goal I had on my mission. We're excited to see you guys in a few days. Keep us updated on when the baby comes so we can plan accordingly.

  2. It's nice that you are able to get out so much...especially being so pregnant--good for you! But it's also great to be able to do all that stuff. I think it's insane that Robert is trying to get a hole in one on 81 holes...and even more so that he only has one to go! Love you. Have a baby soon, all right?


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