November 05, 2012

Before and After Insanity

Here are my Before and After pics!! I lost a total of 18 lbs. and 18 inches!!! 7 inches alone off my waist! And I couldn't have done it with out Beach Body, Insanity's Shaun T., Shakeology, Carson Carothers, Melody Anthony, Brittany Marlatt, Laura Sample, Robert Potter my wonderful husband and wonderfully patient children Brady and Catcher:) I feel amazing mind/body and spirit, I feel healthy, I have more energy and muscle and wearing size 6 again feels amazing! I had my second baby 4 1/2 months ago and I'm still nursing and going strong. After Catcher was born I was a size 14 and 148 lbs. Now I'm 130 lbs and still working on fitting into size 4, maybe in a few more weeks:) Thank you everyone for your support!!

 Before in my bathing suit

After in my bathing suit


  1. Oh my gosh girlfriend you look amazing!! I know that is one insane workout, my neighbor just completed it as well! She worked her butt off, literally!

  2. You look amazing Megan! Congrats on achieving your goal!

  3. Good job Megan! I can't wait to be able to exercise again, you're my idol :) I can't believe what you did in such a short time.

  4. The before and after of your backside is awesome! I can totally see how you are definitely wearing a size 4 pants! I have to this :) Where did you buy Insanity?


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