July 14, 2009

First time eating cereal

Before cereal...all clean
After cereal...time for a bath:)


  1. I do question if you know where his mouth is..lol

  2. actually megan was eating the cereal too and had it all over her face and then she kissed brady on the forehead, you can see the lip marks on his forehead.

  3. ok video

    there are two ways to upload a video to your blog

    1 way is to upload it through blogger- it is the film strip icon on top when you are making a post- and then follow the directions..if you have a big megapixel camera it will take longer- it takes some time

    you can upload through YouTube- also and then once you upload it just click on the html code that says "embed"

    if you find a You Tube video that you want to put on your blog- off to the right side of the video there will be the words "share" or "embed" there will be a funky code in the box- you need to copy and paste that code in your post- make sure you are writing your post in html edit...and not compose.

    Am I making sense? Are you in Utah??? I could call you if you'd like. My email is apriltclark@gmail.com...love you megan


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