July 06, 2009


Our awesome friends, Saimi and Ken, in our ward let us take out their scooters for the day and they watched Brady! It was the funest date we have had in a long time. We went to the Museum, Applebees, went shopping, got snow cones, and took lots of pictures. It was a blast!! We are totally getting scooters when we grow up:)
35 MPH Max!
Meg looks pretty cute on her scooter!
We got Snow Cones -YUM!!
Robert went through the Car Wash! OK he didn't really get wet:)
Share the Road with us little Scooter guys:)
We went to the Yakima Valley Museum that I've always wanted to go to!


  1. How fun! I've always wanted a scooter!

  2. "I get 65 miles to the gallon on this hog." haha, ok, so I don't know the exact quote, but your post totally reminded me of dumb & dumber--in a good way!! :) Glad you could have a fun night out!!

  3. Very cool Potters. I want a scooter with a basket!


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