August 25, 2009

Happy Valley??

Well Friends, We are in UTAH. I can't believe i live in Utah now. We found a nice big condo for a pretty good price and are getting settled. We seem to have nice neighbors; we are only about a mile or two from BYU campus; and we have a pool, tennis court, racket ball court, sauna, hot tub, playground, work out room, kids play room, pool table etc. This is gonna be a great place to live. Next step: GET A JOB!! Robert will be taking some night classes and reapply for Dental School in the spring, and work during the day. Unless I can get a better job than him, in that case I may be the bread winner for now so he can play with Brady all day and study for his classes. It's a race. Whoever can get a better job first gets to work:) Anyway life is good and there are a number of reasons why we are excited to live in Utah. Friends, Family and Mountains:) We already miss our friends in Yakima, but we will for sure be back to visit. Ok friends, that's why we haven't updated our blog for a while, and we are working on getting set up with the internet at our place, so till next time....

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