September 07, 2009

Hold on to your life jacket!

This is a video from our ward campout at Lake Roosevelt. We rode down the river like over an hour on Bro. Tree's party boat to these cliffs and everyone and their dog was throwing themselves off of it. I thought they were all crazy, at least I didn't wanna do it. I jumped off the little one to the left:) Robert got up there and got all the way on the ledge balancing by holding on to Taylor's hand:) He didn't think about hitting the water straight like a pencil, all he kept thinking was, "Just hold on to your life jacket!" But he did it and made the BIGGEST SPLASH! Good job Rob:)


  1. Too much fun, I really missed going and I really miss you guys!! Hope all is well and good with your family!

  2. How FUUUN!! I would NEVER do that, I'm such a chicken! haha. Hope things are going good in UT--sounds like you've got a great place! Good luck with the job searches!! You might want to try LDS employment services, James went and they have tons of great resources for really good jobs. :)

  3. I'm glad you posted this. It reminded me a really great trip with awesome friends. hope things are going well for your family. don't forget us here in Yaki-vegas.


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