September 22, 2009

My first time Canning!

My mom got me all the Canning gear for my birthday, so I decided to work on my food storage. I started with 49 Utah peaches (0.47 cents/lb.). Not alot I know, but it's a start for my first time and I only had 12 pint jars.
Blanching the peaches 3 at a time:) Soaking in cold water after blanching
Pit, Peel, Cut and sitting in the Fruit Fresh water ready to be jarred. I got about 2 peaches in each jar (less than I estimated).
I got about 14 jars and two didn't seal quite right. I did it all by myself while Brady was taking a nap within 2-3 hours and all cleaned up by the time my husband got home from his job interview. It felt great and I made my mom so proud:) I just wish I could've done more peaches for all that work. Next year I'll get canning crazy! I can't wait!
"Millions of Peaches, Peaches for me." :) Member that song?

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