February 15, 2011

New Year Update

So, I've been a little neglectful of my blog lately. But it's not like we don't have a few due updates! So since the year began Brady has started and completed a Tumbling Tots class! It was so fun for him and good for me too! He turned 2 years old! He had his first airplane ride! We went to Spokane to visit my family and help with Phillip's wedding reception. That was so nice to visit home for a while. And since Brady turned two, I swear the talking que kicked in. He is saying like two or three new words a day! I can't keep up with this kid! He is up to like 100 words he can say now. It's so fun. (see the list of words to the right.)
We also started a little pre-school with a couple of my friends two days a week. It's way good for Brady and fun for us to get together. We just teach simple concepts like numbers, letters, shapes, and opposites. Then they play for like an hour while we chat!
We would put him in a Start up Baseball class, but he has to be three, so we might do swimming lessons again this spring.
We had a nice Valentines Day. I decided not to spend a lot of money. Robert and I actually celebrated by going on a date on Saturday night. We went to dinner and a movie and got ice cream. It was really nice. Then we exchanged gifts on Sat. night. I made him a Card on Heritage Makers, and he got me .....a 25$ Visa Gift card to go on a shopping spree;) It was a gift a little out of the ordinary for him, but sweet, cause he knows i've been wanting some new clothes:) Then yesterday on V-day I wanted to do something to celebrate again of course. So I decided to make him his favorite Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake, his Grandma's recipe. It turned out delish. I also made a nice steak and potato dinner for two. Brady took a long nap and was sleeping when he got home from work so we got to have a quiet romantic dinner with sparkling cider! He thought I was playing a trick on him cause he didn't believe Brady would sleep so late, and that he wasn't even home. He thought Brady was somewhere else so that I could plan this romantic dinner. Anyway, right after our dinner, Brady woke up. It was perfect:) Hope you all had a nice Valentine's day with those you LOVE. What a nice day Valentine's Day is:) A celebration of Love.


  1. chocolate mayonnaise cake?? :( I hope its better than it sounds haha. I'm sure it is. Happy valentines day.

  2. Yeah its actually delishious! think about it, mayonnaise is basically eggs and oil. But actually it calls for Miracle whip. its so yummy and moist!

  3. I like the preschool idea a lot. There's actually a program called Joy School that's the same idea (a co-op of moms take turns hosting/teaching each day) that I'd like to try, but if I can't find other moms around who want to do it when I'm ready to start, the kind you're doing is a good idea that I hadn't considered.


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