February 05, 2012

It's another BOY!

Well, now I feel pretty stupid after all that in my last post about why I think it's a girl, cause he dooped us all, we're having another
Right when we found out in the ultrasound, Brady said, "But I wanted to have a giwel". It was so cute. Me too:) But I think it will be much better for Brady to have a little brother to wrestle with. He will have so much fun with a brother! But coming up with a name is the big challenge now. I even cried the other night cause Robert and I can't agree on any names and I felt bad that we don't have a name for him yet, and looks like its gonna be a long road trying to come up with one we both love.
We just loved seeing our little guy in the ultrasound. He is just right and all around healthy so far. He even did a cool backwards somersault in the video which was so cool to watch. Our little guy is talented already. I can't BELIEVE how flexible they are!
Well for those of you who guessed BOY, you were right! I was wrong!

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  1. No worries, I was convinced we were having a boy since my second pregnancy was completely different from my first. I hope you guys find a name soon! We still didn't agree on anything going into the hospital. I told John he could have this one and I get to name the next one ;)


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