May 18, 2013

Brady's Joy School Graduation

That's right, Brady graduated from Joy school in his swim suit (he's a Potter)! Well it was a pool party/picnic so we showed up in our swim suits! We were the only ones who actually wore our swim suits for the graduation. Oh well! We were ready to hop in the pool!:)
 Getting ready for the 'ceremony' (Brady is on the right):
Brady, Jaren, Taylor, Lance, and Benjamin in the back row:
 Brady's special moment where they read his list of favorites. Here it is:
Favorite color: Golden
Best friend: Catcher
Favorite Sport: Golf
Favorite Movie: Scooby Doo
Favorite Song: I am a Child of God
Favorite Game: Monopoly
Favorite Food: Bacon
Favorite book: the singing book from Family night
Favorite drink: Root Beer
Favorite Holiday: Halloween (again...he's a Potter)
What he want's to be when he grows up: a Race Car Driver
What he brings to bed with him: Kipper the singing dog, and his Goon (thanks Grama Marilyn!)
 "Walking", and shaking Charlene's hand to receive his diploma:
 Getting his 'diploma':
 The Joy School Gruaduates!! David, Benjamin, Jaren, Lance, Taylor, and Brady:
Say, "Graduation!"...."GRADUATION!!!"
 We were so glad Brady was able to do joy school this year. He learned so much and best of all his writing skills really took off. When he started he would only scribble, and never really liked to color. Now he can write most of the letters and numbers, his name and has much more confidence in his writing and coloring! Plus he has some new great friends! And a plus for mom, I got 2 1/2 hours to myself twice a week! (HEAVEN!) Besides the days I had to teach, which really wasn't that bad and the time seemed to fly by on the days I'd teach. I recommend Joy school for anyone wanting to do something with their 3-4 year old before they go to official pre-school or Kindergarten. It was a great experience for us and best of all...FREE:) Some of the mom's already had the curriculum books and so we just shared:) It was great. But the books would be a great investment, I wouldn't mind having it to keep for my other kids! Thanks to Shauni, Lisa, Charlene, Lexy, and Corrine for letting us join Joy School 1/2 way through the year and for putting up with Brady and being patient with him:) I sure appreciated all your hard work and time you put into Joy school! I think Brady will really miss it!

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