April 27, 2009


This is the Potter Ladder. I have been climbing it since Robert and I got married. Every time I do something "Potter-ish", Robert moves me up a rung. It has taken me a year. You can see the dates on the left each time I moved up and this is the completed ladder. It took me a while to climb the last couple rungs. But what did it you ask? Well, Robert said, the fact that I actually gave birth to a Potter and lived with one for a whole year:) Some other reasons that I moved up were reasons such as; telling Robert that we need more games; getting better at playing and beating him at Settlers of Catan; and many more "Potter-ish" things. So for our anniversary (March 15th), Brady's birth, and my birthday(March 21), Robert made me this shirt. He took a picture of me a while ago climbing on some basalt columns and later used the picture and cropped me out and put me on this t-shirt climbing the ladder. It's green cause thats the color my shirt is in the picture and my favorite color. And I thought it only appropriate to take the picture in front of Robert's game collection. He is such a Potter.
And I am glad to announce that now I AM TOO! I'M A POTTER!! :) Yeah!!! Now................. Brady has a Potter ladder......


  1. Meg--that is HILARIOUS!! I'm glad you made it to official Potter status!! haha! And holy cow, that IS a TON of games!!!

  2. So apparently taking his name wasn't enough - congratulations on earning it!

  3. That's awesome. What a fun husband to go to that effort. I hope that I get to meet him and Brady some time. We're actually coming to Utah in July and staying until Aug. 12th or something close to that, but we'll probably miss you guys. If you're there long enough, we'll be back though, so I'll have to let you know.
    Our plan at this point is for Eric to take the VA Bar and then try to find a prosecution job here. So we'll see how it goes.
    Good Luck in P-town, and with the job search.


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