April 15, 2009

Brady was crying cause he was hungry so I picked him up then set him on the couch for a sec while I got a bottle ready and he fell asleep and he was out for like 15 more min. It was so funny, cause he just fell asleep in a random position and forgot he was hungry. This kid cracks us up.
My brother Phil came to visit after finishing work at Anasazi. His first time meeting Brady! It was good to see him and get a dose of Anasazi. But his Jeep broke down and he stayed a couple extra days so we got more time with him! :)

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  1. Mrs. Potter!!!!!

    I was so surprised to see your comment. I didn't even know you knew about my blog. I love you girl. How are you? Just to let you know that things get better...Brady will get bigger and more independent...and you will find ways to get out and be the old MEGAN again. Being a mom can be so hard at times. You love it and then you go crazy all at the same time. I wish we could be neighbors...we could go on walks together. I am enjoying your music by the way- any questions of blogging- just let me know. love you.


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