September 13, 2009

Lake Roosevelt trip

Robert and Brady's first time at Grand Coulee Dam.
We stopped at Dry Falls on the way home from Lake Roosevelt which is what would be even bigger than Niagra falls and the biggest in North America if it still had water running over it .
More pics of the Ward Campout at Lake Roosevelt. Me and Robert on the big tube behind the 'Party boat', I'm standing up "surfing" and Robert with no hands. This was so much fun!


  1. Tubing! How fun! I'm glad that you guys are in Utah for a while because it will be easier (less expensive) for me to visit you guys. Best of luck with the job search.

  2. Yeah! I will be so excited for you to visit. You can totally stay with us when you visit. Robert just got a job offer yesterday so we are feeling much better now:) How is the pregnancy going??


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