October 15, 2011

Brady's Whirlygig quilt

While I was taking pictures of my quilt for the last post, Brady was sleeping all curled up in his quilt, and it was pretty tough to get a good picture, so that's why this is in a different post. This is Brady's quilt that I made for him, its a twin size, and was much easier than my quilt:) I just quilted it on my machine with vertical lines (red thread) and put some yarn ties just for Brady cause he likes to play with them.
The backing is just solid blue as is the binding.
I got this pattern from the same book as my first quilt called "Fresh Quilting". It's called the 'Whirlygig qulit'. Hence the pattern of warm colors making a whirlygig shape:
Both of my quilts' patterns were based on the pairing of warm and cool colors. And although Brady likes his new quilt, it will still never replace his favorite baby blankie that he has to have to sleep with.


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